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Is owned and operated by James and Lauris Rose, who bought the property as a cut flower cymbidium range in 1987 from father and son, Bob and John Rowe. The Roses began their orchid careers in the commercial realm at Santa Barbara Orchid Estate in the early 1970’s. The nursery is open to the public Monday thru Saturday and on Sunday during sale weekends in Santa Barbara. Due to the extensive travel schedule for shows, lectures, and orchid exploring, it is always advisable to call before visiting (805) 967-1312. The Roses are always generous with their time to ensure a good visit and opportunity to shop and learn. EMAIL:  CALORCHID@COX.NET


and affords visitors an opportunity to find unique plants not available in the general marketplace, whether for the collector, beginner, gift-giver. The owners travel extensively to hunt for new plants, and have robust breeding program, having submitted to various laboratories over 4500 seed pods and 500 cultivars for cloning. A trip to Cal-Orchid presents the orchid shopper with plants suitable for growing indoors, outside in garden settings (or on trees), or in the greenhouse. There is an extensive out door/temperature tolerant selection comprised of not only cymbidiums, but Laelias and their hybrids, and many other genera.  For those in temperate zones, their ‘Pacific’ line of reedstem Epidendrums has garnered them the designation as The EpiCenter! Their breeding in this group has resulted in TV exposure, and many articles published all over the world.

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the 50,000 square feet of growing space, one mile off the 101 freeway, at 1251 Orchid Dr (the nurseries were there before all the houses sprang up), in Santa Barbara, Ca. 93111 There are very few orchid nurseries in the US with such a wide variety of species and hybrids. Be sure to check the Event Schedule section of the website to see when James and Lauris will be selling and exhibiting near your home town! EMAIL ADDRESS IS CALORCHID@COX.NET A map showing our location can be found Here