Cal-Orchid is a wholesale/retail orchid nursery in Santa Barbara, California that prides itself in providing the finest and often exclusive orchids to orchid enthusiasts everywhere. Established in 1987, we are now well known for having a well varied collection of plants that due to our active breeding program, is often changing. Because we are a family owned nursery we strive to provide the best customer service possible. Our active show schedule takes us to cities far and wide, nationally and even internationally so check our NEWS and EVENTS section to see if we are headed to your city sometime in the future!  We ship via FedEx express service, and are always available via the phone if you have specific questions, or of course, via email by CLICKING HERE.

How to order

Please look at our product pages. We hope that these categories help you to refine your search. Simply CLICK on an image in order to get a more detailed description or to move to purchasing. If you have any questions about a particular plant, please contact us and we can help you with your questions.

Shipping Charges

A small flat rate charge is added to every order plus a small charge for each additional plant.  If you are ordering more than four plants, please call us to place your order rather than use the shopping cart service. Shipping will then be factored individually for your order rather than estimated.  We ship FedEX Express and charge exact shipping charges for large orders. Our FedEX charges include an industry discount and they provide what we believe to be the best shipping method. Our phone number is 805-967-1312. We will continue to work on our shipping options to make them more fair to everyone.
HAWAII & PUERTO RICO ORDERS: An import permit is required. A Phytosanitary Certificate will need to accompany your plants, and cost $35.



We are a working nursery that is open to the public.
Our hours are 9:00AM to 4:00 PM, Monday--Saturday / tel:805.967.1312 Do not rely on what other websites post for our hours.
Check the Events Section of our website to be sure we are in town if you are traveling to visit us!                                                                                  Open on Sundays for Special event weekends!
Everyone is welcome to visit, but please check our EVENT SCHEDULE to be sure we are Open or call us at 805 967 1312.

Current Special

APRIL 27,28,29,30

 Located in Costa Mesa, this is like Disneyland
for gardeners.There are three floors of plant
material and garden supplies here!
(It's hard for us to stay in our booth there are
so manytemptations!) Orchids are on the third
floor and we are always easy to find with the
brightly colored heads of
making a huge Easter basket display to choose from!
Mall hours start in the morning and run thru the
dinner hour sothere is plenty of time to explore.




mAY 19,20,21

This is THE place to go if you really want to find a wide
selection of orchids proffered by nurseries from
all around the world. And it is nice and warm
(well, actually HOT), which is nice at dinner time
when you are outside grazing on grouper.
Bring a hat for the daytime as the venue is the
famous Fruit and Spice Park, and quite large.
It really takes two days to do this show right.
(Ag inspectors are on site to prepare documents.)