Orchid hybrids are some of the most beautiful types of flowers known. Because there are so many different colors and shapes of orchid flowers, there are unlimited opportunities to create new and exciting hybrids using genera other than just the classic types. This section offers the collector many of the newer, high quality and unusual types of flowers that we have come across in our travels or that we have created from our own breeding efforts here at Cal-Orchid.


Wilsonara Hilda Plumtree 'Purple Wings' HCC/AOC
One of the showiest of the warmth tolerant Odontoglossum types. Very large chestnut colored flowers highlighted with a huge bright yellow edged lip. These plants are bred to be very easy to grow unlike the cold-loving 'Crispum' types.
FS $15.00






Coelogyne Unchained Melody
A nice primary hybrid between Coel. cristata and Coel. flacida. Pristine white flowers emerge form the new growths in the Spring. Quit easy to grow and flower. Likes a little on the cool side.
FS $20.00


Encyclia Orchid Jungle
Enc. Orchid Jungle is a popular showy primary hybrid between Enc. alata and Enc. phoenecia. Look forward to enormous branching sprays hold many fragrant 1" brown flowers, often with red on the lip. Some temperature tolerance.
FS $20.00

Epicattleya Rene Marques 'Flame Thrower' HCC/AOS
This super eyecatching hybrid is our most popular plant in the greenhouse. It is a cross of Epi. pseudo-epidendrum and C. Claesiana. Huge clusters of green wax-like flowers highlighted with a large yellow lip and a purple column. Attractive tall canes.
NFS $20.00


Epidendrum Beppy Gouda x pfavii
A new type of hybrid Epi. not seen before. Tall evergreen canes of fleshy green leaves that resemble bamboo will produce large branched sprays of flowers. Epi. pfavii dominates, along with some fine dotting.
NFS $15.00


Coelogyne Memoria William Micholitz
A famou antique hybrid between Coel. mooreana and Coel. lawrenceana. Huge white flowers with bright yellow lips emerge from the new growths.
FS $15.00


Brassia Spider's Gold 'Prolific'

A super floriferous clone from this quality Brassia cross made at the Orchid Zone. ! Very large flowers result from this cross of Brassia Arania Verde X Brassia arcuigera.This cultivar was so reliable that we gave it the name 'Prolific' and cloned it. It's very easy to grow & bloom and also is very showy.
FS $15.00

Dendrobium Specio-kingianum 'Crysta'

A primary hybrid between two fabulous Australian species, Den. speciosum and Den. kingianum. Very robust plants produce many tall spikes of sparkling white flowers in the spring A super variety to grow into a specimen plant. You won't believe the display of flowers on a mature plant.
FS $25.00

Coelogyne Memoria Louis Forget 'Surprise'

A nice primary hybrid with Coel. mooreana and Coel. speciosa. Large fleshy pink flowers highlighted with dark velvety lips. Very easy growing under intermediate conditions.
FS $15.00




Den. Benizuru Treasure 'Loralei'
A very interesting hybrid from Japan involving bigibbum, kingianum, and speciosum. Fantastic grower which quickly grows into specimen plants perfect for Orchid Shows.
NFS $20.00


Den. King Wong 'Wow'
Another Den. kingianum hybrid with huge pink and white flowers. Super easy to cultivate under a wide variety of conditions.
FS $25.00


Den. Gillieston Gold 'Natalie' AM/AOS
One of our favorite Dendrobiums. Plants will be completely covered with bright yellow flowers. Grows very quickly and forms fantastic specimen plants
FS $35.00