Fu-Ran – the Japanese Wind Orchid

Neofinetia falcata, a famous native orchid of Japan, was the favorite of the ruling Shogun. Today, we know it as one of the most beautiful and charming of all orchid species. A compact growing vandaceous type that flowers freely in its summer season and often more than once a year will delight you with its elegant white blooms emitting the most beautiful, sweet coconut-like perfume. Grows easily in bark or moss in pots or baskets along with cattleyas, phals. or on a windowsill in the home or office. This is one adaptable orchid! In nature, plants can be dusted with snow in winter, and monsoons in summer. Its hybrids are just as desirable, and are sure to add some color to the collection of this group. All plants are limited. Please check for their availability. Items which are sold out will be restocked in the near future.

We offer Neofinetias in two groups:


Neofinetia falcata

Seedlings of the Amami Island form of the species. The plants and flowers are generaly larger than the typical form and are seed raised from selected parents.
       We have 4 different crosses, if you want to grow a little group of them and see what happens! We just got an AM/AOS on one of our seedlings this past July. The Japanese who were visiting were blown away by our California breeding!  2-3 fans, nicely established.               
FS $25
 OR... Buy 1 each, 3 different crosses for $60                         



Neostylis Lou Sneary 'Blue Bird'

Beautiful grape-blue highlights on lip and tips of the petals, against glistening white. Good growers. Sweet fragrance, like cake batter!
FS $20.00



Vandafinetia White Crane
An interesting new hybrid using Vanda sanderiana.
Seedlings will have super-sized flowers with slight pink tint.
Seedling size $15.00

Ascofinetia Cherry Blossom
This has been a constant seller for us for all the years we have offered Neos. and their hybrids. Asctm. ammpullaceum brings such bold color to the hybrid. Each cultivar has been slightly different, but this clone makes an incredible specimen as the flowers completely cover the plant!
NFS $15.00



Neostylis Pinky 'Starry Night'

Everyone really likes this new hybrid. Rhynchostylis gigantea brings in not only the fabulous pattern of spots, but sweet scent as well!! The flowers look just likelarger and shaplier Neofinetia falcata, while still retaining the charm of the species.
FS $20.00



Ascofinetia Twinkle x Neofinetia falcata.
Twinkle is a very nice cross of Neofinetia falcata and Ascda. Sagarik Gold. Miniature plants with striking white to orange flowers. When crossed back onto Neo. falcata, we are hoping to get back to fragrance, and produce a wide range of yellows on more compact plants.
NFS $15.00