Laelia anceps is a very rewarding and beautiful species from Mexico. It possesses many very desirable attributes. It is a very vigorous grower able to withstand temperatures between freezing up to as hot as 100 degrees. The flowers are good size (3-4"), held on long spikes and come in various shades of lavender, white or blue. Not only is it a great species but it is also a very fine parent. Hybrids tend to grow rapidly, withstand varied conditions, and flower in a very wide range of colors, all the while keeping the charm and character of the species we all love. To follow are some new forms of the species as well as new hybrids. All are vigorous growers!


We offer Laelia anceps in two groups:


var. Guerrero

'Helen' HCC/AOS


Laelia anceps
Beautiful flowering size seedlings of this wonderful Mexican species. Improved color and size.
FS $25.00



L. anceps ('Marble Queen' X 'Wallbrunn')
A new line of breeding which has produced very round soft pink L. anceps. There have been many awardas given recently to this type of breeding.
NFS $25.00




L. anceps ('Wallbrunn' AM/AOS X 'Bull's')
The super shapely 'Wallbrunn' (pictured), which has proven to give full shape and a soft pink color, crossed with the very famous Alba variety, Bull's, to produce seedlings of the softest pink color. Very vigorous growers. A new line to try.
Seedling $20.00



No reason not to branch out from growing the species when the hybrids from L. anceps crossed with classics from the cattleya family offer the same ease of cultivation but bloom in so many different colors! They grow fine for us outdoors on our trees or with our cymbidiums here on the California coast.


Lc. Fiesta Days 'Solo Flight' AM/AOS
A double shot of L. anceps here with the crossing of Lc. Chiapas x L. anceps Guerrero. Medium-sized bright lavender flowers with dark chip-flares on the petals. Very vigorous grower, fall bloomer.
Flowering Size $20.00





Blc. Picotee Passion 'Sunset Valley Orchids' HCC/AOS
From a cross originally made by Frank Fordyce. Medium-sized flowers of very soft pink highlighted with a ruffled dark pink edging. The lip is ruffled from it's Rhynl. digbyana background. A super vigorous grower. Imagine a tree covered with these!!
FS $20.00






Dialaelia Mizoguchi 'Princess Kiko'

A new L. anceps hybrid from Japan. Parents are the famous Dial. Snowflake X L. anceps. Flowers are displayed on a tall stem. Color is soft pink with darker pink highlights. A very strong grower. Featured picture is of one of the very first to flower, in only a 2" pot. They grow on to be spectacular display plants.
FS $15.00



L. Santa Barbara Sunset 'Showtime' HCC/AOS
A classic California orchid: Laelia anceps on both sides! Long sprays hold 5-6 deep apricot-orange flowers with a hint of purple suffusion....just like a sunset in Santa Barbara! Very difficult to keep in stock.
FS $35.00 (as long as they last)



Slc. Coastal Sunrise 'Tropico' HCC/AOS
From this very famous cross comes one of its most rewarding varieties. The sunset-hued flowers are a sparkling light magenta held on strong stems. Shape is quite good for the type. These will quicky grow into specimen plants.
FS $30.00





C. Ruth Gee 'Dallas' AM/AOS X L. anceps alba 'Bull's'
This cross is showing great potential for shapely alba flowers. The parent C. Ruth Gee (pictured) is a famous, huge, pure white standard cattleya. The seedlings should be large shapely flowers with pure white color offset by yellow highlighted lips held on strong stems
FS $20.00




Lc. Melody Fair 'Mishima X L. anceps 'Helen' HCC/AOS
Another remake of the cross Lc. Melody An, but this time around we have used the huge Lc. Melody Fair 'Mishima' that has just a hint of pleasingly soft pink tint.
FS $20.00




Blc. Mishima Duchess 'Blumen Insel' X L. anceps
A huge modern Standard hybrid, Blc Mishima Duchess (pictured), crossed with a select form of a pink L. anceps that we developed. Should produce award quality large lavender flowers on taller stems.
NFS $20.00